meet the team


leah juliett - founder, executive director

Leah Juliett (they/them) is the Founder and Executive Director of the #March Against Revenge Porn. Leah is a writer, speaker, and political organizer who has been seen on CNN, BBC, MTV, Teen VogueSeventeen Magazine and Buzzfeed. Leah was recently named College Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine for their work combatting revenge porn & was the recipient of the Delta Airlines Accelerating Acceptance Award and the GLAAD Rising Stars Grant.



belinda berry - project manager

BeLinda Berry (she/her) is the Project Manager for the #March Against Revenge Porn. BeLinda graduated with her Master of Public Health and Master of Public Administration degrees from the University of Pittsburgh in April 2018. She is a Health Educator whose passions are sex education and teaching how to build healthy relationships. Previously, BeLinda acted as COO and Cofounder of BADASS (Battling Against Demeaning and Abusive Selfie Sharing), working as a Victims of Crime advocate. Being a victim of image abuse herself, she was able take these experiences and become a driving force behind revenge porn activism.



lori jones - assistant project manager

Lori Jones (she/her) is the Assistant Project Manager for #March Against Revenge Porn: Orlando.